West Beaverton Yard

An Enlivening Makeover

The primary objective of the homeowner was to make better use of her back yard while addressing the drainage issues that had plagued the space (resulting in a perpetually soggy lawn).

To provide easier access to the backyard, a compacted gravel path was constructed to connect the front entry sidewalk to the deck.  A French drain was installed beneath this new path to manage water coming off the neighbor’s yard.

To get maximum enjoyment from the back yard, a new patio was created using large-scale pavers. An adjacent raised bed was designed to provide easy access to fresh vegetables and herbs while also serving as a retaining wall for the sloped yard.  Shrubs and perennials soften the new perimeter fencing and offer color and interest in all seasons, fulfilling the client’s desire for reduced turf area.

In the front yard, wide, curved planting beds were added to provide plenty of room for new shrubs and a bright mix of perennials and ornamental grasses. Basalt flagstones off the entry sidewalk provide a welcoming lead-in to the new landscape. A low retaining wall was created to provide erosion control as well as more space for plantings.