Whether you are revamping plantings in a back yard, adding a patio or terrace, or starting with a blank slate, there are many elements to consider. I have worked in a wide variety of horticultural fields and will bring those valuable experiences to your project.

Upon initial contact I will supply you with a client survey form that will help me become acquainted with your needs and goals. I will review this before our first meeting.

BubblerInitial Design Meeting

Our initial meeting should take place at your home, allowing us to walk around your yard. All decision-making family members who will be affected by the outcome of the design should be involved in this process. We will use input from the survey to discuss your yard’s desired function, favorite garden styles, color preferences, maintenance level, and any special requirements. Articles and photos you can provide of yards that have inspired you also help me to understand the gardening style toward which you gravitate.

Preliminary Plan

Armed with all the information we have discussed, I will generate one or two concept plans which show possible layout of hardscapes, structures, lawn areas and plant beds. Simple sketches may be included to help you visualize certain spaces that are hard to demonstrate 2-dimensionally. Elements you like in the concept plans can be combined into a Master Plan.

PatShedFinal Plan

I will create a Master Plan that identifies all hardscape elements and the plant materials by scientific and common names. An alphabetical list will identify the quantities and sizes of plants needed to complete the installation of your plan. Notes on hardscape preferences, structures, and landscape specifications will also be included to assist you and the contractor. I will also create a reference booklet describing all the plants selected for your project.

After you are satisfied with your plan, I will able to recommend a qualified licensed landscape contractor to help you implement your design in stages or all at once, depending on your budget. As the designer, I enjoy being involved during the installation, especially facilitating the layout before planting begins and will do this for a low hourly fee. If you decide to do the project yourself, I am also able to advise you on planting and care for a low hourly charge.